Big Boob Problems

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hahaha yesss!

Daniel Clark Raisis crying

Leighann Pearson

Oh, how things change...#bigboobproblems ... See MoreSee Less

Oh, how things change...



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Ruby Nola literally us with our double d"s

Upper back

Dafna Livoff גאוני 😂

Berenice Jara

Char M Hutchinson

Natalie O

Leighann Pearson

Kirsty Payne

Madyson Audrey

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Shame feeling

One? Both is more accurate lol

Just one??? 😳 😂


Yep!!! 🤣🙌

Logan Verseman fml

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is sooooo TRUE!!!!!


Zach me lol

Jools see it’s not just me!

I know 😂

Leighann Pearson 😂

Hilary Đanielle😂

Laura Hamer lol

Sally Butler

Anna De Palma

Mackenzie McLean

Shai Shiboli

Emily Kaylor

Lloyd Young

Tyler Beadle

Kirsty Payne

Emily MacPherson

Thomas Richard William Kellett 😂😂

Robin Hatch

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Completely me!

Anna De Palma accurate

Facts! Especially when it rolls in the back!

And to peel the damn thing off when you're sweaty. Ack!

SO accurate!! My husband has to literally help me get in mine. It takes 4 hands to squeeze in and hook all the eyelets! Team effort, lol. It’s a damn chore and workout getting it on!

It's getting it OFF that's the problem!

Shannon - accurate?

If your boobs are small enough for a sports bra then you don’t have big boobs. They don’t even make sports bras for bigger boobs

Omg so true

Alicia Poole Every Daaaayyy

Me Megan Marlow 😂

I always need assistance!!!

Soooooo true

so true

Amy Ailee Ebony Anna


Amanda Shinga

Emma Whitehouse

Katelynn Downer

Justine Schmidt

Mark Couchman

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😂 the entire bucket you mean.

It’s usually lost m&m’s for me. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Haha. Nothing ever ends up on my lap.

Liz Rushton. Me last night

It happens to me too. And the worst thing is that u can wear sexy boobs defining dresses only infront of Ur hubby.

Love that who needs movey l

Wow i like you

Every damn day. I was just fishing peanuts out the other night 😂😂😂

😂🤣 Raisinetts 🍫 n popcorn 🍿

Literally everytime. I can't help i'm a messy eater sometimes 🙁

Yes!!! Always a gift when you go looking.

It's not a problem, it's supper lol xxx

Carl Miller & Greg Hatzinger... This must be why you love the movies!

Mine would be skittles lol

Every time, lol.

Every. Damn. Time. 🙄


Snacks for later

So true.


Yep! Lol

Sooo true

Truth 😛


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Lol, unless the feeling of your boobs moving around freely bugs the crap out of you. :/ I feel so weird without my giant twins in their cage.

Oh god no! Ouch! 😧

“Free ‘em Friday at five” 😀

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what !?

Emerald Green-Rodriguez it’s that time!

Powder works great

Lol hilarious

Gotta deal with Swoob

Oh god

George Greene Britney Oleary lmao!!


Danielle Carmassi

Emily Kenny not just me so 😂

Devina Dullabh lol I actually do this


Lmao Terra Stone this is still me... idk about you 😂

Jeremy Wardlaw see I’m not the only one 😂

Shai Shiboli הייתי חייבת

why the mammogram if it's gonna make your tits look like paper sheets and not melons🤔

Stacey Arenas 😂❤️

Cliodhna Mullen 😂😂😂

Robin Hatch 😂😂

Sara Burden Bolenbaugh😂😂

Cherelle Hazle 😂🙈

Leighann Pearson 😂😂

Dalisa Davenport-Mitchell lol

Hahaha Natasha Laurie

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Ive done this to a teacup Chihuahua

Emerald Raine Horvath 😂😂😂

Lauren Hunt 😂😂😂


Beau Payne Abby Richards

Tricia Alcock why did this make me think of you 😂😂 xx

Brittney Campbell me every time I hold willow

Pooor TK gets sucked in.. Anthony Tiblandi 🤦🏻‍♀️

Ambre Wisniewski Omg xD

Hahaha Joshua Morales

For real lol

Jon McCormick

Kristy-Anne Wakeford

Smriti Chakraborty 😍😍😍😅🤭😂🤣

Adamdracula Jamal lol

Lmfao!!! Erick Valdez

Seraiya Gordon XD

Awesome comic from Girls with Slingshots (comic)!

Brooke Elson

This made me laugh so hard I almost spit out my coffee!!! xoxo LOVE IT!

main apny boobs choty krna chahti hun.koi trika bta skta h?

Hellina Handbasket haha!!!

HA HA HA! Too funny!

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I'm a proud G. But to be honest just because I don't find nice or huge enough bras I would go for a double D.

I love my big ol titties! We were born with what many pay to have. Plus as most of my big boob sisters know we didn’t get a booty, id be left with nothing that makes me physically unique. No thank You

I love my big boobs!

Im a H I would love to have C or D. I was one of those kids with a C cup in primary school, while the others had little training bras. Then high school. DD- E cup

Our sizes in the UK work different to the US, I'm in a J cup and cause of the back pain I want a reduction. But I've got booty and thick thighs I don't wanna look uneven??

But I've gone down a cup size with weight loss and I've been very upset by it 😦😢

Idk about an AA, but I'd gladly trade my DDD's for a regular D or a C!

Yeah but then I realize all the stuff I get away with 🤷🏻‍♀️

I love my big boobs though! I'm not as big as some ladies, only a DD, but I definitely wouldn't want to be small chested. Don't think it would hurt if I was maybe an E cup but no larger for sure.

All accurate till the last line. Let’s not get too dramatic. Switch to a AA?? No thanks, lol. But the rest hits home.

Yes to all except AA, no way

Growing up I had the first real bra in elementary school...a solidB. Fast forward to high school; 5’ with DD’s. I didn’t date just because I was always afraid no one was really dating me for me just to see if my room is for real. After having three children and graduating to triple D’s I decided to get a reduction. Surgeon would only bring me down to a C, just because the traumatization of losing so much of your body. Was the best thing I ever did no more back pain, no more oogling, and I could finally cross my arms in front of me, and best of all - I don’t look freakish being only 5 foot tall and having my while front being nothing but boobs.

I always tell people to gladly take my big boobs and give me their small ones

I'd totally trade - not to an AA though. Or at least find nice affordable bras that don't poke, rub or something like that. 😡

I would give anything to go back to a normal size honestly. THe back pain is horrible and having to shell out $100 for a bra is ridiculous - and that's if you can find a store that sells a big enough size. 😐

I would love just to put them bk were there meant to be. I breastfed fed my kids so puttin them bk would be great do again

It depends on what you call “big boobs” anything over an F cup ?

Perhaps because they're better to look at than to have.

It is possible find things that fit! I finally figured it out and now I wish I had not had my reduction. If I had had someone to help me find good fitting and cute bras back then, maybe I would not have had the surgery. I am still full busted now and I finally have great bras and understand fitting.

No I would be happy with a C, but husband said NO!!! lol

I’d even settle to go back to D!!

My DDD's fit me well and are proportionate to my shape. I was an F for awhile until i lost 15 pounds.

I like being curvy.

Not a AA but I’d be happy to be a C or D

Love my triple d's. Wouldn't change them for anything

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Ok, but at what point did the wardrobe change happen?

Nicole Contreras haha love this

Corey Kelley

Sean P Bryant

What if he is nice and she wants her boobs to be touched.

I don't care what your penis thinks about my breasts either way. #bigboobproblems ... See MoreSee Less

I dont care what your penis thinks about my breasts either way. #bigboobproblems


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And breast size has nothing to do with the amount of breast milk produced...

Big boobs 🚫 = more milk. Some men are so stupid.

large hips/butt and breast only are hints at fertility not milk production and your walk on where you are on your cycle as they are subtle but read loud and clear in their heads they just dont actively see it a lot of the time

Sierra Simpson lmfao

Hahaha !

Except I hardly produced! 😂😂

Skye Pounds

Paige Evans

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What if you're all four?😶😂😎

Damn! I am 1 and 2.

Dude, I am all of these. 😂😂😂

Lmao! Well, 1 out of 4 isn’t bad. 💁🏼‍♀️😆

Thats not a problem. Its a resume.

I have the first three 😂

Braydon Austin I'm all 4 😶😳 How tf do you deal with me 😮😂

In glasis with big boobs and butt

Lindsey 3 out of 4 😂😂

Escalante Saintnick I would like to respectfully say this list is completely LIES!! I'm an angel and you know it!

Lee Taylor I’m the first 3 (well, I wear glasses when I drive)... Does this mean I am triple evil? 😏😂😂

Jade Marie Grunbauer thought of you straight away with the first 3 😂

Just women, in general, according to that guy.

I have three outta fourm

Ashley Nicoleis number 4 😁

I'm qualified for all 4 lol

I am three out of four so what hope is there for me?!!

Omg I’m all 4!!! 🤣

seriously? 3? 😂😂😂😂

Jeez I get all 4! Watch out world!

I'm 1,2,4 🤣

I’m all four figures lol

I'm... all four...

3 our of 4😂


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Right now, we can't even have camp fires... but I still like the idea of burning them.

Claire Hand 😂😂xx

Yep lol

Casey Kissack 😁

Tshegetso Moepi

Georgii Doutré

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I work from home, so I'm braless mostly 24 hrs a day! It has made a big difference in the appearance of my shoulders- my clavicle/shoulder bones have a permanent dip in the from my bra due to the weight of my breasts. I was called Dolly in 7th grade- being a D cup already. In 1997(late 20's), I had a breast reduction going from a 36/38 EE to a C. So much excitement in buying new n sexy smaller bras. Now back upto a D/DD- BUT going braless really helps with my shoulder, neck n back pain. It's a bitch though trying to find a supportive bathing suit top. But my TaTa's look great at 46!

20 mins

Just going to tag you in every relatable boob post I find Sara Klem

Ashleigh Jones true story

2wice Foam




Selina Scullion

Júlia Ondrejková

Kara Lamos

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I already used 'em to feed my babies. I would never put them back on.

Mikayla M Cuyson didnt we talk about this the other day? Or was that Odette Elena Garza? I cant remember. Sadly both groups i could see this convo happening

Omfg yesss

Amy Pinder you could have done with some of these today 😂😂

Maria Braad Frederiksen *cardio would be

Alicia King yes so our men can feed our babies and we can sleep haha

If I did this I'd lose at least one every week, probably find it covered in fluff in a corner somewhere. Or the fridge

Oh, yes please!

Ashley Dailey-Stovall I thought you might find this funny

Rachel Jones

Alex Lewis. .. detachable penis

O YES. I had ordered sports bras that hadn't arrived in time (stocking problems). Pushed through with conditioning class anyway. It was ok until the coach asked us to run.... HELL. I wished for detachable boobs then. Very badly.


Sarah Ann I'm thinking for the JRFT 😂

alone forever if you agree with this🤔


Hannah Colette Isbell

Emmy Marie Nuberg

Charlene Jenny Gabby


Maritza Medina

Gemma Abbott Victoria Bell Chloe Byrne Imogen Horne me

Ciara Curran

Claudia Ling Jolia Tan Xin Yu

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😂 #bigboobproblems ... See MoreSee Less

😂 #bigboobproblems


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Yeah, big boobs and strapless do not mix!!!

Woman should be proud of themself how they are. Should increse selfrespect.. sorry to say

There are actually some good ones out there, believe it or not!

what is quality and importance benifits in this belt?

i dont how some women can wear this

Seriously! These suck....


Breeanna Edwards

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Team Small bottom XXL top

😂 so true

Breeanna Edwards

Check out this Snapchat story on Big Boobs today! ... See MoreSee Less

Check out this Snapchat story on Big Boobs today!


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5 days post op 🙂

The girl in the story is wearing horrific fit bras before and after 🙄🙈😬

What's the snapchat link? As I'm waiting on a reduction

It was one of the best decisions I've ever made!!

I was suppose to have one twice got nervous and backed seriously thinking it's time I need to have it done

Nicole Ellis!! Me lol


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